Festival Scheduler: Installation & Customization


Running a multi-venue festival?
Interactive schedule for WordPress sites

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Make it easy to explore your festival

You are running a festival with events happening at multiple venues at the same time. It’s difficult to present this schedule online because practically no WordPress plugins offer the ability to list events by venue (instead of by date).

That’s where Festival Scheduler can help, with:

* A venue-based scheduler (venue columns)
* Displays events happening at same time
* Optional image for each event
* Click to see event details with image
* Event types in different colours + guide
* Responsive for mobile devices

How it works

Designed for WordPress sites, we install and adjust it for you by:

* Installing the free Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin
* ACF adds fields in your event pages
* Enter the title, description, date/time and featured image on event pages
* Then we install the Festival Scheduler page template
* Create a Schedule page and assign it to use the new template
* It generates the schedule using the event pages content
* Minor adjustments as/if needed
* Can also add a Google map of the venues

More at https://www.shopmap.ca/festival-scheduler

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