Life Cards – A Guide to Your Life Path – by Susan Collins


Susan used dowsing to get past her own health crisis and is committed to sharing techniques she has learned from the many teachers she has had over the years. She was President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers from 2003 to 2006, and was named Dowser of the Year in 2006. She is a full-time, Personal Management Consultant and Professional Dowser who has presented at a variety of international and regional conferences in North America, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Susan has a dynamic, global Consulting Practice offering remote and in-person services and is the author of a successful series of books on dowsing techniques. Susan was the 2014 Keynote Dowser at the ASD National Convention in Vermont and a Featured Presenter at the ASD West Coast Conference in California.

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Create your future! Resolve your issues! Life Cards will guide you in a private, personal way to find out more about your life path.
Life Cards is a 50-card deck and booklet that allows you to access guidance to answer questions, resolve issues and achieve your goals.
The cards are divided into 7 suits that correspond to the chakras. Each card has a top and bottom with a specific keyword and phrase, with an informative graphic in the centre. The cards have different meanings depending on where they appear in the layout spreads. Together, they can offer powerful insights into your life path.
Life Cards comes with a 50 page booklet that helps you interpret the cards.

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