Painting: “Primal Dance”



Watercolors, phosphorus and fluorescent acrylics on 2′ X 8″ wood. Painted near Orangeville 2018.


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As a graphics designer I worked on the Exclaim magazine ads featuring the Demics, Teenage Head, Viletones, B-Girls, The Dishrags, Garth Hudson (The Band), designed Dee Dee Ramone (the Ramones) album “Hop Around,” The Vapids CD “The Vapids”, CJ Sleez CD “Rock Action,” Forgotten Rebels, promotional cards and website for William Braithwaite aka Billy Warhol, Duo Mechant classical music concert at St. Patrick’s Church, and many others.

As an artist, the pentagon tile abstract paintings, the original tessellation extrapolated from a quasicrystal x-ray photo, were exhibited at the MOCCA and on the cover of 2006 calendar, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (NYC), commemorating 100th birthday of Dr. Albert Hoffman. In 2011 a Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given to Dan Shechtman for the discovery of quasicrystals. My pentagon tile series of paintings are based on this new odd quasicrystal symmetry.

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