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With no fees until you sell your product, selling on LocalGoodz is a great way to build your business.

Also, the Vendor Support Program offers no fees at all for 3-months during COVID-19.

Too busy to create a shop? We can set it up for you. Just fill the Quick Setup form and we will create your password-protected shop. Then we will contact you to review together so we can refine it and launch.


3-Months free service for vendors during COVID-19

We’re all about supporting local businesses and communities.

During COVID-19 we offer a free service for local vendors.

List your products on LocalGoodz and pay no fees for 3 months!

Cancel anytime.

Let’s support local business!

Full shelves but no customers in store & too much work to upload online?
Use Shelf Pix (coming soon)

  1. Take photos of your store shelves
  2. Upload the images of shelves
  3. Customers can circles the items they want (using a simple tool) and send
  4. You get requests and send quotes to buy these bunch of items
  5. You can send them a message and also easily create a “Buy” button for that price on your LocalGoodz store
  6. They pay and can pick up at the store (you gather the items into bags)

It’s a way to get sales “to go” for your store – even when closed and no eCommerce!

Save your retail business! Here’s how:

  1. Setup your store on[my store name]
  2. Download this poster and print it (click to download)
  3. Write your “[my store name]” portion on the grey bar
  4. Stick it to your storefront windows

Now people passing by will see where to buy form you online!

Join Toronto’s Local Marketplace and a community of like minded people passionate about local shopping.

No sale, no fee

List unlimited items for free and pay nothing until your item sells, LocalGoodz’s commission is only 3.5% + $0.20 CAD.

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Payments are processed instantly through our secure SSL encrypted system for safe & smooth transactions. Setup and connect your Stripe account and enjoy instant payments.

Simple setup

Getting started is quick and easy with the sellers dashboard. Complete all the setup process and get detailed analytics of your shop.

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Selling on LocalGoodz is simple, fair and secure



List unlimited items for free,
forever or until they sell.


3.5% + $0.20 *

Pay only when your item sells


2.9% + $0.30

Using for payment processing

Payment processing fees depend on your country, check Stripe’s pricing and Paypal’s pricing.

* The amount billed is a % of the total sale price + flat fee per order for all types of sales, national and international. Fees are billed for $0.20 CAD, so if your currency used in the bank account added in the shop settings is not CAD, the amount may vary based on exchange rates.

** Please be aware, payments process through Stripe will arrive in your account instantly, whereas Paypal payments can take up to 48h to reach your account.

We can upload your shop for you

Want to Join LocalGoodz but no time to create your shop?

Are you already selling through your own website or other platforms? We can create your shop and import all your products for you. Terms and Conditions apply.

Our sellers toolbox

Your Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to see how you are doing and to track and measure the performance of your shop.


You can view recent orders, recent products, numbers of orders, total products sold, commission paid. You can also control all the data based on a specific period of time.


Once the seller application has been completed, you can add and configure your own products through the add a product form.

Download Toronto Buy Local Shop Local

Add coupons

Discounts are one of the most Important things to make the most of the shop potential and increase your sales. Setup promotions with custom coupons codes, descriptions, limits and restrictions.

LocalGoodz_chart Toronto Buy Local Shop Local

Manage your orders


See details, preview, check the status, track all your orders, print shipping labels, add notes, add your tracking number to keep your customer informed.


You can export orders to a CSV file, which can easily be imported into Excel and Google Spreadsheets, or anywhere else you want!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

As we are using Stripe, our simple and secure payment platforms, you don’t need to worry about anything.

LocalGoodz accepts most Debit/Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and the funds from your sales are then directly deposited into your Stripe or PayPal account minus our fees.

You will never have to worry about having to manually pay fees. From your Stripe or PayPal dashboard you can then withdraw the money to your associated bank account whenever you want.

How do I track my orders?

Once you open your shop you will have a Sellers Dashboard, this is a really great tool for tracking orders, sales and products. You can print your shipping labels, add the tracking number and notes, all from the orders tab in your dashboard. Managing your shop from here is quick and easy.

What can I sell on LocalGoodz?

LocalGoodz is a local product marketplace. You can sell locally-made furniture, apparel, art, gifts and more. Check out our categories as you can find anything from food to beauty supplies.

Please make sure to read our Forbidden Items Policy before listing an item.

What are the fees for selling on LocalGoodz?

Opening a shop is free and you can list an unlimited number of products for free, forever. You don’t pay a thing until you make a sale. Once your item sells there is a 3.5% + $0.20 transaction fee (this is calculated before shipping is added).

Fees are billed for $0.20 CAD, so if your currency used in the bank account added in the shop settings is not CAD, the amount may vary based on exchange rates.

To process your payments there is the standard payment fee of 2.9% +$0.30 (Stripe’s commission).

How easy is it to open a shop?

We have worked hard to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, as the more time you spend setting up your shop the less time you are reaching your customers! Adding products is even easier with a single page form.

Would you like to know more? Here are the terms and conditions

Still have some questions? Feel free to contact us

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