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Our pure, all-natural Allspice, comes straight from the dried berry of the Pimenta dioica plant in Jamaica and Guatemala without additives or preservatives, for a peppery clove-like flavour that puts the jerk in jerk sauce and gives Caribbean cooking its unique flavour. Without it spice cake would be…well, cake. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty, high quality Allspice in all of your recipes.

Our pure, all-natural Clove, comes straight from the Syzygium aromaticum tree in Indonesia, without additives and preservatives for a spicy warm flavour and aroma that adds life to bechamel sauces and makes holiday dishes festive. Without it, Indian dishes wouldn’t be the same and Cinnamon and Nutmeg would miss their fellow contributor to pumpkin spice. Not to mention what would happen to Chai. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty high-quality Clove in all of your recipes.

Our pure, all-natural, Cinnamon comes straight from the Cinnamomum burmannii plant in Indonesia without additives and preservatives for a warm, earthy, sweet taste baked goods can’t live without. Originally from India and China, this aromatic spice makes Moroccan cuisine sing and baked goods delicious. Without it, apple pie would be basic, and cinnamon buns would be…well, buns. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty high-quality Cinnamon, perfect for all of your recipes.

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High in antioxidants this spice has anti-inflammatory properties that may ease joint pain
Eases Toothache: Contains eugenol proven to relieve toothache pain
Antiviral and Cancer Fighting Properties: Contains gallic acid known for is virus and cancer fighting power and other polyphenols that may protect against prostate cancer
Eases Digestive Stress: Calms upset stomach, relieves gas and bloating and stimulates the release of digestive enzymes
Anti-inflammatory compounds provide pain relief

Rich in Manganese is an essential mineral for strong bones and neural function
High in antioxidants to fight free radicals and stress on the body
Eases Toothache: Contains eugenol proven to relief toothache and gum pain
Anti-microbial: Has properties that fight bacteria including two that contribute to gum disease
Blood sugar regulator: Clove contains nigericin, found to improve the function of cells that produce insulin.
May improve bone density due to its high manganese content
May improve stomach ulcers by increasing the protecting the stomach lining

Improves cardiovascular health-reduces blood pressure
Regulates blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity
High in antioxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory
Contains Cinnamaldehyde, a natural bacteria fighter
Good for skin and oral health

Cooking: Caribbean dishes, meat dishes, pickling, stews, sauces, baked goods, curries, custards, pumpkin pie spice, and other spice blends.
Self-care: For menstrual cramps and digestive woes brew in a tea and drink. To heal bruises and ease muscles and achy joints use topically as a balm.

Cooking: Desserts, stewed fruits and chutneys, curries, Caribbean dishes, meat dishes, pickling, stews, sauces, baked goods, curries, custards, pumpkin pie spice, and other spice blends.
Natural expectorant: Clove helps relieve mucus and phlegm.
Insect repellent: The oil from Cloves repels mosquitoes for up to five hours!
Digestive help: To ease digestive woes-use in a tea.

Cooking: Pumpkin pie spice, stewed fruits, baked goods, cinnamon rolls, French toast, pork and meat dishes, Moroccan, Asian, and Indian cuisine, curries, rice, spice blends, apple cider, hot chocolate, lattes and more.
Beauty: Stop acne producing bacteria with a Cinnamon face mask- mix Cinnamon with honey for clearer skin. Plump lips by adding Cinnamon to coconut oil.
Breath Freshener: Cinnamon contains Cinnamaldehyde which fights oral bacteria, the cause of bad breath.
Mood Booster: There’s a reason its aroma has inspired many a candle. The scent of Cinnamon can brighten our moods and is said to ward off cravings!

At Nuleena Foods, our mission is to deliver the best quality and flavour to home cooks and modern chefs. Close relationships with our suppliers allow us to verify quality and purity standards are met at each step in the production process. We work alongside our trusted farmers to bring you the freshest, best tasting products.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just email us and we’ll refund your order in full, no questions asked!


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Less waste, better taste.

Nuleena Foods was originally created to fulfill a niche market and help single family households or those looking to reduce their carbon footprint to buy only what they need. Navita, our company founder was frustrated by the need to buy six different 100 gram spices for one dish, that she knew would be stale by the time she finished them. To have fresh spices for every meal, meant repurchasing or throwing out what she’d already bought, or using what she had and settling for a meal that lacked real flavour. Not wanting to choose between being wasteful or eating flavourless meals Navita created her own line of spices and seasonings in compact sizes with little to no waste, less plastic and compostable packaging and a taste that’s as fresh from the first teaspoon to the last.

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