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Our pure, all natural, Coriander comes straight from the Coriandrum sativum plant in Canada without additives and preservatives for a unique lemony flavour with floral notes that makes everyday recipes special. Without it the garam would be missing in masalas and many traditional spice blends used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and African cuisines would be lost forever. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty, high-quality Coriander in all of your recipes.

Our pure, all-natural Cumin, comes straight from the Cuminum cyminum plant in India, without additives and preservatives. Without this warm, earthy, tangy, native of Syria and the Middle East, there would be no garam in your masala, no oomph in your chilli and BBQ sauces everywhere would fall flat. Middle Eastern dishes would wonder where they went wrong, and vegetable soups would just taste like…vegetables. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty high-quality Cumin in all of your recipes.


Anti-inflammatory: Eases sore muscles when taken over time and can help with arthritis and joint pain
May fight infections: Shown to kill UTI causing bacteria and food-borne illnesses
Digestive relief: Helps with indigestion, bloating and IBS symptoms
Prevents disease: Studies show compounds in this herb boost memory, and are brain and heart protective
Anti-anxiety: Studies show Coriander was as effective at controlling anxiety as some medications
Cancer Fighting Properties: Studies show Coriander may slow down cancer growth
High in antioxidants: To fight free radicals and stress on the body-to boost immunity and prevent cancer
High in fiber: Which slows down absorption of carbohydrates and may lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Anti-inflammatory: Contains antioxidants protect against inflammation and provide pain relief
Digestive relief: Treatment of diarrhea and IBS symptoms
Boosts Memory: Stimulates nervous system and may improve memory
Cancer Fighting Properties: Studies show Cumin stops cancer cells from replicating
High in antioxidants to fight free radicals and stress on the body
Blood sugar regulator
Anti-parasitic- used as preservative to fight bacteria and parasites
May help lower cholesterol

Cooking: Pickles, curries, seafood, fish, lamb, spice blends, cream and vegetable soups, vegetable dishes, and baking.
Skin-care: Since it has antifungal and antimicrobial properties Coriander may help alleviate skin rash such as eczema. Make a balm with Coriander oil and coconut oil and apply topically. (Do a spot test and check with your doctor first).
Healing Elixir: Mix ½ tsp coriander seeds with hot water, strain and drink as tea for its health benefits.

Cooking: Use in chili, Indian cooking, Middle Eastern dishes, sauces, soups, rice, lamb, breads, vegetables, curries, spice blends.
Skin-care: Use as part of a face scrub to fight acne, and combat aging.
Natural expectorant: May help with respiratory ailments such as asthma helps relieve mucus and reduce coughs, brew in tea, strain and drink.
Weight loss: Making a tea with Cumin powder is said to help with weight loss.

At Nuleena Foods, our mission is to deliver the best quality and flavour to home cooks and modern chefs. Close relationships with our suppliers allow us to verify quality and purity standards are met at each step in the production process. We work alongside our trusted farmers to bring you the freshest, best tasting products.


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Less waste, better taste.

Nuleena Foods was originally created to fulfill a niche market and help single family households or those looking to reduce their carbon footprint to buy only what they need. Navita, our company founder was frustrated by the need to buy six different 100 gram spices for one dish, that she knew would be stale by the time she finished them. To have fresh spices for every meal, meant repurchasing or throwing out what she’d already bought, or using what she had and settling for a meal that lacked real flavour. Not wanting to choose between being wasteful or eating flavourless meals Navita created her own line of spices and seasonings in compact sizes with little to no waste, less plastic and compostable packaging and a taste that’s as fresh from the first teaspoon to the last.

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