Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress Paperback – July 7, 2017


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by Kaz Lefave (Author, Illustrator), Sylvia McConnell (Editor), RUKE (Cover Design)

In a toxic future flooded by dead oceans and poisonous gases, twins Keeto and Elize become the target of an otherworldly predator in their quest to save Elize from their mother’s fate.

The mystery surrounding their mother does more than evoke painful memories. It has been plaguing Elize’s nightmares for 9 years as she shows increasing evidence of the psychological sickness for which their mother was confined, and apparently died from.

Keeto, an armchair archeologist and risk-averse bookworm, fears that their oppressive and deceitful father will find out, and have the daring quick-witted Elize committed, as well. With the help of an underground merchant community, the twins, now 18, escape from their secluded highland village to Eadonberg, the infamously stunning floating coastal city protected inside an invisible biowall.

Elize befriends Zafarian, a dweeby classmate with expertise in gadgetry and law-breaking, and with the most unusual hair. Keeto does not approve. A shadow of distrust follows the boys as the trio become increasingly entangled in a conspiracy and a mysterious stranger taunting them with clues.

However, what lurks below the waters parallels the darkness the twins discover as they settle into their new identities: Elize, a medical student at Schrödinger University, and Keeto, an apprentice curator at the Museum of Antiquities.

As tough-girl Elize’s stability deteriorates, she comes to terms with her fragility. With so many people, looking for the twins, some knowing their importance, others guessing at it, still others fooled by layers of deception, and the twins having no awareness of any of it, loyalties get tested.

Not even the Unification, can protect them. In fact, its own secret drive to locate the twins summons still others to the hunt ― others whose true intentions remain hidden.

Will Keeto and Elize find the answers in time? Or will the questioning lead them down a dangerous path where treachery, lies, and deceit reside?
Enter the Nemecene™ World, where the real answers are waiting for you to discover them…before they discover you.
Be prepared.


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